At Spaced we swear by co-creation, nothing ignites creativity or separates the wheat from the chaff better than a mishmash of brains. To guide you from chaos to order we offer several methods and tools that have been thoroughly tested and approved.


Asking questions through one-on-one conversations with stakeholders and end-users.


Asking questions to a larger group of stakeholders and end-users to gain more insights.


We facilitate and moderate empathy, define and ideate sessions at our office or on location.

Prototyping & design

Before we build anything your concept will be put to the test to minimize your risk and counter questions in advance. To do that we’ll materialise it just enough to present it to an audience; your boss, your clients, your mom,... and start gathering feedback. This can give direction to the design of the solution and to the creation of the perfect experience for its users.


Prototypes make it possible to get input from future users without it having to be a 100% finished.

User interface design

Graphic design to determine the look and feel of the interface of the digital application.

Design system

A collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, to build any number of applications.


Although your prototype might look like it’s finished. It’s not. Our software developers still have to do their magic! Luckily they know exactly what is expected from them as they participated from the beginning and identified all possible hurdles before the concept was set in stone, they’re super agile. When development is ready, your concept will have become a fully functional product, ready to launch!

User interface kit

A UI kit is the single source of truth any developer will use when developing new applications or functionalities.

Progressive Web App

PWA’s are the future for digital applications. They are reliable, fast, engaging and provide an immersive User Experience on any device.

Mobile app

These are the apps we all know and use. We create hybrid native apps that users can install on their smartphones.


Because applications need continuous love and attention to keep functioning well, we will still be there to provide maintenance after the first version has been launched. We can also cover the hosting and other technical requirements for you.


The hosting cost will be calculated on expected average use which can be scaled up or down through monitoring actual usage.


We make sure everything runs smooth by keeping things up-to-date and secure.


Often our clients govern the content of a digital application themselves. We are there for you if you get stuck on something.

Curious what we can do for you? Let's find out together.