We are very eager autodidacts and because of cross-pollination within our network the technology realm holds few secrets for us.

Our client base stretches from Antwerp to Leuven and Brussels and is made up from organisations with a strong social mission in sectors like urban planning, education, ecology, social services, civil society or even technology itself.

Our ambition is to service them in the best way possible so that they can benefit from all these new digital solutions and feel supported in accomplishing their own mission.

Rockets are cool.
There's no getting
around that.
Elon Musk
Simon holding the Spaced logo
Teammember Matthijs

Matthijs Rubberecht

Research & Design

As a true people person, Matthijs is the lead moderator of our workshop sessions, making sure all participants can give it their best. Being a creative & conceptual thinker, he loves to transform ideas into designs. Likes to talk about ethics and technology on a stage.

Teammember Simon

Philippe Schraepen

Research & Front-end Developer

Philippe is 100% aware of his responsibility towards man and society when creating digital applications. Being a highly skilled front-end developer, he will make sure design and logic meet as expected. You will always find him in a good mood.

Teammember Philippe

Simon Peters

Full stack developer

Simon is a strong conceptual and analytical thinker. An expert in translating human ideas into logical and thought-through technical systems. As a full-stack developer he knows his way around, pretty much everything. Will never walk out on a good challenge.

Why we get up in the morning

We are convinced that society will prosper if digital applications would focus on the true needs of people and not only consumerism and capital. With Spaced we want to help build an inclusive society that supports its citizens with the support of all the new digital solutions that have emerged the last decade.

We are also proud co-founders of Dear Tech, a collective that strives for more humane and future proof technology. We believe that the digital revolution, if done right, has the potential of making us more human than ever before. Technology, applied with wisdom, can lead to a real life utopia. This would not be a wanted side effect, but the legitimation of technologies existence. We as a collective want to put pressure on governments, organisations, companies and individuals to strive for this horizon.

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